Limited edition mini stool in copper by Zieta


A 2008 design, iconic for its innovative and amazing materiality.

Here we offer a rare limited edition polished copper seat (low) by Zieta Design Studio, Poland. Lots happening in a small visually exciting design…….. Volumetric expansion, ultra lightness, modern craft. mono materiality, sustainability via recyclability. Take a few minutes to discover MORE about this innovative design.

The Designers Inspiration Metal is a living entity and so ultimately the material decides the finished outcome. “Controlled loss of control”

Fabrication 2 ultra thin copper sheets, edges welded together, inflated under high pressure into a 3D form.

Hidden features Extremely light yet highly durable.

Design Consigned Stylist Toy like, adorable and playful in appearance, and even more incredible upon close inspection. This little attention seeker delights with its balloon like form and bright polished copper finish. A limited edition collectible, or perhaps a unique design gift, light enough to post to a design lover overseas.

Design Consigned Collectors Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2008 and German Design Award 2008. Although the process is automated, no two objects are the same due to variation in folds and other nuances during the inflation. Limited Edition copper. High collectible value.

Our Condition Report 5/5 unused. Purchased for property display styling.

Provenance One private owner, purchased 2019


H50cm D35cm KG4




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