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Good design is timeless and our online platform is where you can browse and buy, or consign to sell, privately owned authentic Design.

For consignors [sellers] think of Design Consigned as a dating site for your design objects. Listing is free, a profile is created and selling price set using your reserve plus Design Consigned’s expertise and market knowledge.

Your object is then presented in the virtual store where visitors can ‘like’ your object. It will also feature in our targeted marketing and emails to other design lovers like yourself.

Please allow a reasonable period of time to find ‘the one’ for your object. Once a match is made, Design Consigned handles the receipt of payment and delivery to the buyer.

Design Consigned will then forward 70% of the selling price to you. Throughout the entire process seller and buyer identities remain undisclosed.

As a consignee [buyer] you have the opportunity to secure a design bargain and help the environment at the same time by purchasing non-new authentic design objects for your home, as a gift, or for a design project. Browse by Category to make your search easier.

All our consigned objects are authentic and the price reflects their current desirability, market value and condition. Design Consigned conveniently arranges the most cost effective delivery to save you further expense and time.