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Philippe Starck Caadre Mirror

There are mirrors and then there is the Philippe Starck Caadre mirror, recognized around the world and seen in some of the best homes. The frame, which is 4 pieces of 6mm thick curved mirror, has Starcks signature engraved in one corner. This is the horizontal hanging version.    SOLD

The ‘Caadre’ mirror is produced by Fiam Italia, a company founded on one mans passion for glass. Vittorio Livi was fascinated by the complex  chemistry and physics of glass and the possibilities of fusing, engraving, and carving it.

Design Consigned Collector: A real collector showpiece with the Starck signature on view in the corner. We also have the same but vertical hanging version which suits entrys, dressing rooms and hallways.

Design Consigned Info: Due to the fragile composition, professional installation is recommended to avoid any damage.

Design Consigned Stylist: Works well in a dining room or company boardroom.


  • Dimnsions: H105cm W195cm
  • Condition: 4/5


  • Philippe Starck


Out of stock

Out of stock