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Neon Art Lightbox by Kristina Nero

‘ad infinitum’ Neon art lightbox c2017. 60cm x 60cm 

Designed by whom/when: Neon ‘tunnel’ lightbox in black frame c2017 by Melbourne creative Kristina Nero. Limited edition of 10.

Inspiration: A metaphor for life’s journey. Out of the dark, comes light.

Fabrication: led, mirror, acrylic, vinyl wrap.

Hidden Features: Hang or use as a floor light – installation.

Design Consigned Stylist: Light as art. We love how this piece compliments so many of our contemporary Designs. It’s blackness is minimal, a little arrogant, and of course, very Melbourne. Perhaps best near a window so passers by can catch a glimpse of your unexpected art.

Design Consigned Collector: Authentic original, made in Melbourne. Kristina has exhibited through the Hall & Wilcox Arts Program, Euroluce Melbourne and as part of Melbourne White Night Festival.

Purchase Verification: One owner, looking to re home this artwork. Dated Invoice available.

DC Insider: Enjoy on or off as required or pre set for ontime using a timer.


  • Kristina Nero