Bespoke Rug by Behruz Studio

Define your space with this stunning bespoke rug by Behruz Studio. The ‘chevron’ pattern and ‘luxe’ colour palette combine to make this a truly magnificent and unique carpet.

100% pure wool in thick cut-pile.

DC Stylist: A glamorous statement backdrop especially for black or brown leather furniture. Add red as an accent colour.

DC Collector: Behruz Studio has been at the top of Melbourne’s rug and textile industry for over 20 years. The high quality is evidenced by the sheer weight and soft feel of this carpet.

DC Insider: A Melbourne interior designer commissioned Behruz Studio to produce this carpet. Four years in the owners formal living room finds this rug still in excellent condition. Around half the price of a new Behruz rug.


  • Dimensions: W 580cm D330cm
  • Condition: 4/5


  • Behruz studio