mark tuckey tripod table

Tripod table from Mark Tuckey

A Tripod table by Louella Boitel-Gill for Mark Tuckey.

Designed / launched by whom/when: A signature design by Louella Boitel-Gill for Melbourne’s Mark Tuckey whose handcrafted designs always highlight the best features of his carefully selected timbers. See for yourself here.

Designers Inspiration: Louella’s idea of the perfect round table.

Fabrication: Solid sustainably grown and pre-seasoned planks of American oak worked into a perfect 150cm disc that appears to ‘balance’ on a timber tripod with the assistance of a steel bracket. Clear matt finish.

Hidden Features: Dismantles for easy transport.

Design Consigned Stylist: Real Australian furniture for real Australian homes. With it’s clear low maintenance finish, this table will last a lifetime. Also great as an entry lobby centrepiece.

Design Consigned Collector: Authentic original, handmade in Mark’s workshop.

Purchase Verification: provided

DC Insider: In excellent condition with no signs of wear. The owners have moved house and this does not suit. Current retail value is $5950


  • Dimensions: D150cm H73cm
  • Condition: 4/5


  • Mark Tuckey