Flap sofa from Edra

A globally recognized design, the ‘flap’ sofa from Edra. This rare version is upholstered in oh so expensive and exotic [farmed] ostrich. A limited edition collector piece.   SOLD

·       Designer: The sofa was designed in 2000 by Francesco Binfare with a focus on anatomical engineering.

·       Age / usage frequency: condition of leather consistent with 10 years of use. Frame in excellent  condition.

·       Fabrication: Patented design mechanics. Genuine white ostrich leather, a by-product of South African birds farmed for their meat and feathers. The hides used can be up to 16 square feet in size ! Chromed steel frame and legs. Breathable polyurethane inners.

·       Hidden details: 180 components ! 9 multi positional moving ‘flaps’

·       DC Styling: ‘Versace style’ for your ‘Milanese style’ apartment or ‘Miami white’ beach house. A sofa guaranteed to garner attention and get your guests talking.

·       DC Collector: The flap sofa is still in production, however, this limited edition white ostrich upholstery is no longer available making this piece highly collectible.  SOLD


  • Dimensions: H84cm L355cm D166cm SH34cm
  • Condition: 3/5


  • Francesco Binfare for Edra