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B&B Italia ‘Arne’ sofa

This ‘Arne’ sofa offers a lucky buyer the chance to secure an ‘A List’ imported design piece for immediate delivery.

The‘Arne’, many would argue is the iconic B&B Italia sofa.  SOLD

We could go on and on about the quality features of the ‘Arne’ sofa but just the fact that there’s always a new one on the floor at Space Furniture is testament to the fact that this continues to be a top selling sofa despite a retail of $16,000 plus. Model A315CD_2

Designed by Antonio Citterio in 2005, the ‘Arne’ sofa is designed to give the impression of lightness.

The curved shape and enveloping backrest are designed to encourage conversation and be visually exciting when viewed from any angle.

This model is the biggie, the A320CD/3 with the wrap around arm on the left.

The fabric is a durable linen/viscose mix in a go anywhere cool grey.

The cover can be removed for cleaning.

The ‘Arne’ sofa sits on polished die-cast extruded aluminum supports which detatch for moving.

Spotted B&BItalia cushions x 3 – optional

Design Consigned Stylist: If you have to look at the back of a sofa then this is the one you need.  A velvet ‘Arne’ resides in this stunning Melbourne home featured on our website journal HERE. 

Design Consigned Insider Knowledge:

‘Arne’ has spent his early life hanging out in a commercial lobby but is now ready to lounge around at your place.

Comes apart for easy apartment lift access.





  • Dimensions: H68cm L315cm D166cm
  • Condition: 3/5
  • Seat Height: 36cm


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