Arne grey sofas at design consigned

Antonio Citterio Arne sofas for B&Bitalia

Pair of Arne sofas by Antonio Citterio for B&BItalia.  SOLD

Designed / launched by whom/when: The unmistakeable and iconic Arne was designed by Antonio Citterio in 2005 for B&BItalia.

Inspiration: A design for conversation.

Fabrication: Inner steel frame, bright, brushed die-cast extruded aluminium base, bayfit cold shaped polyurethane inner back and seat support, polyester fibre inner cover, polyurethane + sterilized down seat cushioning. Fabrics on each complement but are deliberately not the same.

Models A257CS + A320CS_3

Hidden Features: Fully removable and reorderable covers.

Design Consigned Stylist: Deliberately mismatched because sometimes it’s better to give the impression you didn’t try too hard.

Design Consigned Collector: Authentic originals, made in Italy by B&BItalia.

Stamp or Mark of authenticity: B&B seam tags.  SOLD





  • Condition: 3/5


  • B&BItalia