356 Sun lounge by Gandia Blasco

Tumbona 356 sun lounge by Gandia Blasco

Set of 4 sculptural Tumbona 356 sun lounges by Pablo Girones for Gandia Blasco Spain.

Jose Antonio Gandia Blasco Canales studied law at Valencia University prior to inheriting the family blanket manufacturing business. As CEO and Art Director he has diversified the business into a global entity that produces artisan floor rugs (see Gan below) and outdoor furniture by Architect / Product Designer, Pablo Girones.

Inspiration: Whilst building his own summer residence in Ibiza, Jose realised a need for architecturally pleasing outdoor furniture. He worked with Designer Pablo Girones using the Porsche 356 model from the 1950s as inspiration.

Fabrication: Rotomoulded 100% recyclable polyethylene.

Hidden Features: Weighty enough to withstand wild weather.

DCStylist: These sleek aerodynamic sun lounges are easy to maintain and look more like sculptures, elevating the look of outdoor terraces or pool areas.

DC Collector: Authentic originals, made in Barcelona by Gandia Blasco.

Authenticity: base brand embossed

Purchase Verification: One owner, 6 years old, Purchase Invoice provided. 2020 RRP A$1500 each.

DC Insider: At close view we noted some dulling to tops from city pollution (this is currently being treated, condition rating / price may alter).



  • Dimensions: L200cm W80cm H36cm
  • Condition: 3/5


  • Gandia Blasco