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Sorry Giotto floor lamp Catellani&Smith Design Consigned

Sorry Giotto floor lamp by Catellani&Smith

Sorry Giotto floor lamp by Enzo Catellani for Catellani&Smith is a trio of rings in electric blue. Now Reduced 15% 

Inspiration: “Wanted to recreate one of the simplest, cleanest shapes: the circle. So I tried and created this lamp that appeared minimally ‘intrusive’. When I switched it on, it’s name came to me immediately: Sorry Giotto” – Enzo Catellani

Fabrication: Trio of copper rings handprinted in electric blue. These emit a back light via concealed interchangeable tiny LED diodes. Catellani&Smith Chrome floor dimmer. Black painted metal base and support.

Design Consigned Stylist: The Art of Lighting. Beautiful mood light more like a sculpture.

DC Collector: Catellani&Smith are known for their delicate, innovative and surreal lighting. Future Collector piece. Now Reduced 15%


  • Dimensions: H220cm W60cm
  • Condition: 5/5


  • Catellani&Smith


$5,940.00 $5,000.00