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Molteni rug at Design Consigned

Random rug by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & Co

Random rug by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & Co. 2m x 3m.  Enjoy 20% off pre Winter 2020

The ‘Random’ rug was Designed in 2016 by Spanish Designer Patricia Urquiola for Molteni Italy.

Inspiriation: A new rug with an ancient aesthetic created using a ‘random’ dotted pattern that gradually fades away at each end.

Fabrication: Wool silk yarn mix. Col: sand. Very soft / silky feel.

DC Stylist: Beautiful rug. Understated luxury with minimal detail and maximum softness. Pair with a natural linen sofa.

Almost as new, ex display, one only. Pre Winter 20% off.


  • Dimensions: L200cm W300cm
  • Condition: 5/5


  • Molteni


$6,630.00 $5,300.00