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moooi smoke chairs set of 8

moooi smoke dining chair set of 8 in mint condition. Strange yet wonderful are these literally ‘charred’ Louis style dining chairs. Permission granted to smoke at the table. SOLD

Designed when, by whom: Designed in 2002 by Maarten Baas for the Dutch design powerhouse moooi headed by design maverick Marcel Wanders.

·       Age / usage frequency: 2 years old, hardly used, look as new.

·       Fabrication: solid wood that has been charred and given a coat of clear matt resin. Upholstered in smooth black leather with decorative ‘burnished’ metal studs.

·       Hidden details: Notice how the top detail varies !

·       Design Consigned Stylist: Create an atmosphere of drama and excitement for your dinner party guests with this set of 8 chairs.

·       DC Collector: Still in production. Future collector item. We are saddened to see replica fakes of the ‘smoke’ chandelier on some Australian websites, but thankfully not the ‘smoke’ dining chair. Always look out for the moooi label, if it’s not there, please don’t buy it, it is a fake ie the design was stolen and not made as the designer intended.

*selling as a set of 8. Payment terms available.

·       Origin : verified authentic.    SOLD



  • Condition: 5/5
  • Dimensions: H 106cm W 48cm SH 51cm


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