moooi carbon chair at design consigned

moooi Carbon chair

Carbon chair is the successful outcome of material exploration and technical experimentation.

Designed / launched by whom/when: Designed in 2004, the Carbon chair is the result of one adventurous Dutch designer with the backing of Marcel Wanders founder of Design powerhouse moooi.

Inspiration: Paying tribute to the Eames Plastic chair of 1950.

Fabrication: Hand coiled black carbon fibre mixed with epoxy resin.

Hidden Features: Completely frameless and lightweight yet strong the whole design being self supporting.

Design Consigned Stylist: A work of ‘design art’ to silhouette. Goes from art exhibit to extra seating when required.

Design Consigned Collector: Authentic original, made in The Netherlands by moooi.

DC Insider: 8 years old, minimal use with no structural or aesthetic faults.



  • Dimensions: H79cm W47cm D49cm SH45cm
  • Condition: 4/5


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