8 white Hans Wegner wishbone chairs

Hans Wegner wishbone chairs

Set of 8 white authentic Hans Wegner wishbone chairs for Carl Hansen & Son, Denmark.


Designed/launched by whom/when: Designed in 1950 by Hans Wegner for Danish makers Carl Hansen & Son. Still handcrafted today in a process involving 100 steps. Enjoy this video.courtesy Monocle films

Inspiration: The Y or ‘yoke’ back chair was inspired by Ming Dynasty chairs as seen by Hans in images brought home from China by Danish merchants.

Fabrication: Renewable and sustainable Danish beechwood frame, natural white lacquer finish. Woven papercord seat. The durable papercord seat is woven by hand and will aquire a darker patina over time.

Hidden Features: The high quality papercord is from Sweden and is 100% biodegradable and has a light wax protective coating to repel grease.

Design Consigned Stylist: The wonderful Wegner wishbone in true Scandinavian ‘winter white’ is the perfect seating solution with any timber table or flooring.

DC Collector: Authentic CH24 originals made in Copenhagen by Carl Hansen & Son. These chairs have had minimal use and still look like new. Each chair wears a plaque with a unique serial number. RRP over $10,000

DC Insider: Papercord and natural beechwood can be maintained and protected using a traditional natural soap flake and water mix applied lightly with a highly wrung cloth. The waxy soap residue, once dried, provides a natural protective barrier.




  • Dimensions: H75cm
  • Condition: 4/5


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