maison levy floor cushion for sale

Maison Levy floor cushion

French floor cushion in hand painted linen by Argentinian Artist Haby Bonomo for homewares company Maison Levy Paris. SOLD

Designed / launched by whom/when: Maison Levy launched in 2006 and is found in a select group of decor stores worldwide, from Barbados to Singapore.

Inspiration: decorative objects inspired by original paintings

Fabrication: 100% French linen, stabilised print. Self plumping down + mixed fibre inner.

Hidden Features: Removable dry cleanable cover.

Design Consigned Stylist: A decorative floor cushion to add that unexpected French ‘insouciance’ to either a casual living area or bedroom.

DC Insider: Maison Levy carries the Enterprise du Patrimoine vivant Francais (a Living Heritage certified Company). SOLD


  • Dimensions: W90cm L90cm H20cm
  • Condition: 4/5


  • Maison Levy


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Out of stock