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Branca by Mattiazzi – Set x 10

Branca is inspired by, and named after the ‘branching’ pattern of a tree. Branca is generous, modern and stackable. A set of 10

Designed when: Italian brothers Nevio and Fabiano Mattiazzi founded their company in 1978. Obsessed in wood working, they set out to develop robotic timber manufacturing by developing advanced machinery that retained the ‘craft’ process.

Inspired by: The Mattiazzi brothers invited Brit designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London design studio Industrial Facility to design a chair utilising the capabilities of its new robotic machinery. The manufacturing process is in itself something to witness ……watch this video on Vimeo /Branca chair and be amazed by the robotic technology.

Design Consigned Stylist: Generous proportions and gentle curves and lots of lovely wood grain. Specified recently by Studio Gram for the restaurant at St Hugos Winery South Australia. Will work well with this circular ‘flynn’ table from Jardan  or this Giovanni Offredi glass table.

Design Consigned Collector: Made in Italy. You won’t see counterfeits of these in replica shops as they’re impossible to copy without the patented robotic machinery. These 10 chairs are all in excellent, and similar condition. Sold as a set. These still look as new.

DC Insider: We noticed these earlier versions feature more of the beautiful timber grain.


  • Dimensions: H 82cm W 57cm D 54cm
  • Seat Height: 46cm
  • Condition: 5/5


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