Arne grey sofas at design consigned

Antonio Citterio Arne sofas for B&Bitalia

Arne sofas by Antonio Citterio for B&BItalia. Two available. 

Designed / launched by whom/when: The Arne sofa was designed by Antonio Citterio in 2005 for B&BItalia. An ultra low sofa with a curved ‘open’ form that looks good from all angles making it ideal for open plan living.

Inspiration: A sofa designed for conversation.

Fabrication: Inner steel frame, bright, brushed die-cast extruded aluminium base, bayfit cold shaped polyurethane inner back and seat support, polyester fibre inner cover, polyurethane + sterilized down seat cushioning. Fabrics on each sofa complement, but are deliberately not the same.

Models A257CS + A320CS_3

Hidden Features: Fully removable and reorderable covers. Comes with original scatter cushions. Order new covers any time via Design Consigned and save.

Design Consigned Stylist: Create a centralised, open ‘circle’ of seating for 6 or more with these two Arne sofas for the price of one. The fabrics are similar charcoal greys yet deliberately not the same weaves, just as the models themselves also differ, one sofa being larger. All adds up to a more interesting scenario.

Design Consigned Collector: One owner. Authentic originals, made in Italy by B&BItalia. 10 years old, in very good condition with no structural faults or fabric damage. 2019 Retail value $24,990 and $15,870

Stamp or Mark of authenticity: B&B seam tags.

  • if you would like to see more images or a video of these sofas please contact us:  info@designconsigned.com.au

*Priced as a pair but will sell separately.



  • Condition: 3/5


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