Alessi ‘Conica’ Kettle

Something magical happens when an architect puts his mind to designing an everyday household item. The ‘IL CONICO’ stainless steel kettle, manufactured by Alessi, was designed in 1986 by well known Milanese architect Aldo Rossi.   SOLD

Aldo Rossis’ work features ‘brevitas’, abstraction, primary shapes and geometric patterns. Most notable is this project in Modena, Italy. This object certainly reflects his work with its conical shape and geometric details .

In very good condition only used for decorative purposes.


Design Consigned Insider: The identical height and diameter forms an equilateral triangle in profile.

DC Stylist: Kitchen jewelry

DC Collector: Collect the rest of the ‘conica’ story from Alessi.     SOLD


  • Dimensions: H22cm D22cm CL200
  • Condition: 4/5


  • Alessi


Out of stock

Out of stock