Behruz safari rug at www. design consigned .com.au

Behruz safari rug

Unique 3 x 4 meter custom designed safari rug from Behruz Studio Melbourne.

Designed / launched by whom/when: This exotic style carpet by Behruz Studio features the iconic zebra hide design synonymous with luxury travel and African ‘safari style’.

Fabrication: Medium height cut-pile pure wool. Colour is more ivory / bitter chocolate ie not starck black and white.

Design Consigned Stylist: Safari style. The perfect anchor piece to create a French eclectic or Ralph Lauren inspired look. The colours are a ivory / bitter chocolate, a more realistic zebra.

Design Consigned Collector: Authentic original, custom made 10 years ago for the owner by Behruz Studio Melbourne. Unique one of a kind. Expect to pay over $8000 for a new one.

DC Insider: 10 years old but very good condition. Professionally steam cleaned by Design Consigned October 2019.


  • Dimensions: L400cm W300cm
  • Condition: 3/5


  • Behruz Studio