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Zuster Hero desk

Designed and made in Melbourne, this Zuster Hero desk was custom ordered at 3.2 meters long. It has two pedestal supports plus a matching slide-under return/separate cupboard. Home office heaven.

This large 4 piece Zuster Hero desk is perfect for small business because of it’s many possible configurations. Space the pedestals at each end to accommodate two task chairs, or move one in to make a second separated workstation. The additional cupboard can slide under the desktop, be positioned to create an L shaped workstation or placed elsewhere in the room. Rotate the pedestals to create a meeting table for 10!

Purchased in 2008 [owners receipt available] . All 4 pieces in pristine condition bar a small 6mm veneer chip on the side of the return cupboard. [see image]

The Zuster Hero desk is solid core with American oak veneer in ‘dune’ finish. One pedestal has 2 stationery drawers plus a filing drawer. the other is a cupboard. The ‘trestle’ design allows for easy moving and storage.

DC Collector: Melbourne designed and made. This is a custom ordered L3.2m ‘supersized’ Hero. An updated version of the Hero desk is still in production.




  • Dimensions: H73cm W320cm D84cm
  • Condition: 4/5


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