dining table by Patricia Urquiola for BBitalia

Void by Patricia Urquiola for BBitalia

Rare dining table from the Void Collection by Patricia Urquiola. Seats 8.Designed by whom/when: The Void Collection was designed in 2003 by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola for B&BItalia and included four elements: a coffee table, console, slim desk and this dining table which also came in a smaller version. All pieces were limited edition.

Inspiration: Tables with options to display treasures under flush crystal glass inserts or store cutlery etc in the two ‘voids’ created via timber panels that can be set below the surface and form part of the table support.

Fabrication: Multi-layered ply, honeycomb panels, oak veneer brushed light, extra light crystal glass, thermoplastic ferrules (joiners)

DC Insider: Patricia, who lives and works in Milan. A playful and unconventional approach to design plus an architecture background helped her make her mark on the global design stage.

Design Consigned Stylist: Here’s a fun and unique dining table in popular blonde wood. What will you put there under the glass ?

Design Consigned Collector: Rare authentic original, made in Italy by B&BItalia. Limited edition series, no longer available. Authenticity: Verified Space Furniture. Approx 10 years old.

*please note this table is in excellent condition and rated 3/5 due to a couple of marks to the veneered top that we are having cleaned. This may result in an alteration to the price.

image: wiki media


  • Dimensions: L290cm W100cm H73cm PR6cm
  • Condition: 3/5


  • Patricia Urquiola